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Success Stories

Below you will find comments from a few of the patients who have benefited from vision therapy at True Vision Therapy.

"I knew my child had a problem with reading.  I assumed it was a learning disability and she would struggle in school all her life.  When I found out it could be fixed through vision therapy I felt that I could do something.  Dr. Trieu and her staff are so caring.  Now Ava is a confident reader and will read for fun.”

Lisa S., parent

“I feel 100% better than when I started.  I found someone who understood what I was feeling.  The therapy really works.”


Vernell B., age 61

“It made a big difference in my school work.”


Beth K., age 13

“Since my daughter started getting vision therapy her whole life is changed.  She's doing extremely well in all areas.  She's so much happier and her overall school performance has improved.  Her tracking issues have been corrected and her attention span has improved tremendously.  I recommend vision therapy very highly.  I have been blessed to have Dr. Trieu in my daughter's life.”

Ella G., parent

“The vision therapy helped improve the amount of time my daughter spends on homework.”

Jeffrey K., parent

"My daughter's headaches have decreased and her willingness to read has increased dramatically."
Joy M., parent
"When I read I can see the words much better."
Jami M., age 9
"For the first time since first grade my daughter is reading on grade level."
Kris S., parent of 9-year old
"I have fewer eye-related headaches, easier time fusing on mid- and far-distance objects, and I have more control over focusing and steadying my eyes."
Alex H., age 25
"When my daughter began vision therapy, I was very concerned about her future.  She was struggling in school, especially with math and reading.  I would spend hours going over homework with her every night.  Since vision therapy, I'm happy to say her reading level is now above grade level!  Her ability to understand math is also greatly improved.  She enjoys reading and overall is more confident.  We will forever be grateful to Dr. Trieu for all of her help!"
Michelle B, parent of 11-year old
"We were able to see notable changes in our daughter Emma's ability to track words and stay in line when reading.  Her overall vision, reading comprehension, and processing has improved and she is happier and has more self-confidence.  She loves to read and this program has strengthened that love during a time when she was becoming frustrated, disheartened, and defeated.  Thank you!"
Catherine M., parent of 10-year old
"After my brain stem stroke, I had double vision that hindered me greatly.  Now both eyes are working together.  I am once again able to read and write.  My depth perception has returned.  I am very appreciative for the progress I have made.  After all, it is my vision that I depend on!  Now I am much, much, much improved."
Deborah W., patient
"Vision therapy has allowed us to pinpoint my son's specific vision issues and address them.  Prior to therapy he lacked depth perception and would skip words and lines while reading.  He did not distinguish right from left.  After 9 months of therapy he has depth perception, he does not skip words and lines while reading anymore, and he knows his right from left.  He now has more confidence while reading and will choose chapter books with smaller print and more words per page.  I feel the vision therapy will help him tremendously in academics and sports."
Alicia M., parent of 7-year old
"After several months of vision therapy my son no longer skips words when reading and no longer assumes words but actually reads them.  It has also sped up his reading.  The staff that works with the children are some of the most patient and kind people I have come across in the medical field.  Vision therapy with this group of therapists comes highly recommended from me as a parent."
Roy B., parent of 10-year old
"I have noticed improvements in my school work and SAT/ACT.  I now have a better understanding why it was so difficult for me to finish a novel.  Thank you for helping me through this process."
Devon R., age 17
"Since vision therapy I have a noticed a difference in her attitude.  No complaining when asked to finish up her summer reading assignment.  She also recently took an SAT and scored around 200 points more than before."
Patti R., parent
"I don't have headaches when reading.  I don't see double anymore.  I have been doing better in school."
Amelia B., age 10
"We have noticed that she rarely complains about headaches from reading now, and reads more readily."
Ross B., parent
"I'm less tired in the evening, have an easier time focusing while driving, and it's easier to stay focused and read."
Daniel K., age 26
"When I started vision therapy I was not able to read a book or focus for a long time on activities.  I had to wear sunglasses when I was in public places.  Now I can read books, watch TV, and go to the gym without sunglasses.  My attention span has improved, and I don't get nauseous, dizzy, or headaches so often."
Kathleen N., age 55
"Changes from vision therapy:
1. I feel like I can read at a better speed.
2. I don't get headaches anymore.
3. I don't lose my spot anymore.
4. The words on the page don't seem blurry anymore.
5. The words don't move on the page anymore."
Lily H., age 7
"I have noticed that my granddaughter can read more fluently with less stopping.  She is not losing her place and can read for longer periods of time.  Computer time is also easier, with fewer complaints of eye strain and headaches."
Sylvia H., grandparent
"My daughter's confidence in reading has soared.  Gone are the days of intense frustration and resistance in school work, especially reading.  Her fluency in reading has greatly improved and with this, comprehension has also improved.  Knowing that her struggles were because of vision deficiencies, and knowing that there was a therapy available, was a complete and utter relief.  My daughter is now in the best place visually that she can be."
Lauren R., parent of 11-year old
"My son has become more attentive in class and his teachers have noted that he is more focused on his work. He received straight A's on his last report card. He is no longer frustrated when he reads at home.  I am so glad that my son came here!"
Jannine M., parent of 13-year old
"Ava definitely benefited from therapy. She has not complained about headaches and she has been volunteering to read."
Elizabeth R., parent of 8-year old
"He's less frustrated in general and less fussy at the end of the day."
Sarah B., parent of 5-year old
"Since beginning vision therapy my son has stopped complaining of headaches."
Dan N., parent of 9-year old
"It is now easier to read and focus."
Elijah N., age 9
"My son is able to read for longer and enjoys reading now that he doesn't skip lines and see double. He moved up 4 reading levels this year. He wants to read chapter books now and to play family games where he needs to read."
Kelly B., parent of 9-year old
"My headaches and eye pain are gone. The program they run here helps so much. I can concentrate longer now and not get headaches. The homework they give is easy and fun to do. They have helped me so much and I am thankful they were there for me!"
Emma C., age 16
"This practice is truly one of a kind. They are extremely knowledgeable and caring, and I definitely see improvements in the amount of reading and screen time I can tolerate. I have also had a reduction in headaches. The staff has been extremely accommodating of my concerns and helpful to me."
Benjamin C., age 25
"The improvement in my vision and lessening of headaches has been remarkable. I am having a much easier time at work. I am less stressed, physically and mentally. The staff were extremely supportive and accommodating. I was fortunate to find them and am very appreciative of their work."
Susan A., age 50
"Vision therapy has corrected the double vision that brought me here. It has also strengthened my vision for close work."
Barbara S., age 64
"School work has become much easier and my headaches have decreased a lot. You have to put in work, but seeing the end result it was completely worth it. I can see better and overall I feel better. Therapy has been extremely helpful for me."
Emily J., age 16
"Dr. Trieu and her staff were professional, caring, and person-oriented. They were able to take care of my daughter's vision issues. They were always available to discuss our concerns and were very responsive to our calls and emails. I would recommend Dr. Trieu to anyone needing vision assistance."
Karen J., parent of 16-year old
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